A HUGE Announcement....

Yall. Last year I had a (seemingly impossible) dream to take Fiercely on the road and travel for an event. One where I would have a massive audience made up of “my people,” who would understand the products, and why the brand even exists. It was a long shot - at the time I was scared to pay more than $50 for a booth at an event. It felt impossible. After a few events last year (some hits and some big misses), I realized niche events are much better for Fiercely. And the dream only intensified.

I started making a list of possible cons and events, and remembered my friend Bailey tweeting about Clexacon in 2017, so I decided to do some digging and really find out what it’s about. And y’all....major heart eyes. It’s a con specifically for LGBTQ+ women and allies! A con FILLED with folks who align with Fiercely’s message....in Vegas. I had to apply but to be honest...I didn’t think I would actually get in. It was the beginning of December and I figured I would hear back after the holidays.

Within DAYS I got my acceptance 😱 The fee was more than double any event I had done before, not to mention the travel fees. I only had a few weeks to make my decision, but after lots of long talks with my husband and close friends (ENFP here what whaaaaat) and some serious number crunching I decided to go for it. So I paid for my booth and a few weeks later booked my hotel.



Fast forward three months and we are a few weeks out and it still feels so surreal! I still have a LOT of work to do but I’m so so excited about the event! I’m leveling up my booth displays (y’all aren’t even ready!) and adding TONS more sticker packs and even art prints! Today, my banner arrived so here’s a photo of me in pajamas, way too excited about my banner.


I am trying to be better about celebrating the journey and reflecting, so just for fun, here’s a few photos from last years events to see how my setup has evolved in less than a year!

May 2018 - my first ever event!

June 2018 - I thought this setup was so nice but now it looks SO messy to me lol. I only had one of each shirts and they were samples, so orders had to be placed and then mailed to them later.

November 2018 - First holiday season event (nice garbage that's visible under the table lol). This was my first event with more inventory instead of just "sample shirts"


November 2018 - LOTS of new additions including the black wire crates to hold folded shirts, and floor length tablecloths.

December 2018 - Final event of the year! Almost the same as the photo above but the crates are facing the hallway so folk can see there are shirts when they walk by. 

I hope to see some of you in Vegas next month at Clexacon! If not, keep your eyes on our social media for more behind the scenes pics (maybe anxiety attacks? Who even knows!) and I will be adding more stickers to the stop soon too! (Probably not until after the con though!)

As always, thanks for your support and I’m so thrilled to keep sharing more with you as Fiercely grows 💕



Ps just to be transparent....this con is EXPENSIVE for me and I’ll be honest, funds are tight! The best thing you can do to support is to share the shop, or grab something you’ve had your eye on lately. Sticker packs and button packs make amazing gifts 🎁

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